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Apex Image Watermark in PDF

Image watermark in PDF software use both text and image for stamping on PDF and crop image as you need
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Image Watermark in PDF
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7 March 2014

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This is a watermarking tool for PDF documents.

This tool enables watermarking PDF documents in large volumes. The batch interface makes that possible. The program can process a batch of files at a time. This should save you time and let you gain in productivity. It offers configuration settings that make it easy to set up functionalities as well as easy to operate. Preview enables you to view what exactly you are going to get before starting the process. Text based watermark can be added and you can choose to have pages to be stamped with the specified watermark. It could be all pages, odd pages, even pages, a page range, etc. You could optionally use macros to create Bates numbering schemes and these numbers can be added in the header or the footer of the document pages. There are several special stamps that could be used. These include File name, Registered (R), Copyright ©, Trademark, PDF Title, PDF Author, PDF Subject and PDF Keywords.

You could also use current date and time to be stamped. Font selection, its size and style (such as bold, italic, underlining etc.) could be selected. Customization settings including position, color, rotation, transparency, etc. are available. Settings for margins on all four sides are also possible. The watermarks could be above or below the content. The program is stand alone and no other program is required for it to complete its job. This tool will support standard PDF fonts as well as system installed fonts. Watermark render modes include Fill, Stroke and Fill and Stroke; for the stroke mode, pen color and size can be selected. This is a good and handy tool.

Publisher's description

Image watermark in PDF software can make single or individual PDF files. User has ability to set image size for watermarking on page such as original size, fit to page size and custom height or width. PDF stamper software has function to set font of text watermark such as font style, font color (single or double) or font size. User has option to set watermark on above content, below content or replace content. Software has provided various techniques to use watermarking like text, image and website URL as stamping on all pages of PDF file. Software provides option to set watermark position, image stamp size, font style and color, PDF Meta properties, password security, etc. You have ability to set stamp on specific pages such as first page, last page, odd pages, even pages, all pages or customize page in range or specific pages. User may set Meta properties such as author, title, subject and keywords. If you want to check efficiency of watermarking on PDF file to download software by this link Apex PDF watermarking software and verify the software. It is standalone software does not require any technical skill. This application successfully runs major operating system such as 98, 2000, 2003, XP, NT, Vista and windows 7.
* Use images, graphics, text, website link as watermarks easily.
* It provides various options to set like text size, color and angle.
* PDF watermark tool is advanced utility for processing PDF files in bulk mode.
* Set watermark on specific position such as top, bottom, left, right or middle.
* User can specify the page for watermarking like first, last, all, odd, even or custom pages.
* Software has option to set stamp on above, below or replace content.
* Software does not require and special technical skills to operate.
* Its Works with both 32 bit and 64 bit OS.
* Software supports all windows based operating systems like 2000, 2003, XP, NT, ME, Vista, Windows 7 etc.
Apex Image Watermark in PDF
Apex Image Watermark in PDF
Version 2.3.8
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